Turnarounds are a vital part of maintaining safety, productivity and competitive advantage in any industrial setting. Several maintenance, repair and replacements activities cannot occur with the plant in operation. There is significant lost revenue and productivity every day a plant remains offline. However, continuing to operate without necessary performance and safety improvements can also impact on your bottom line due to unplanned shutdown. Projecontrol is in the business of efficiently  managing turnaround events and safely returning client’s plants to operational status on schedule and within budget.

  1. Welding and weld engineering
  2. Field installation
  3. Preventive and predictive maintenance programs
  4. Equipment modifications, refurbishments and repair
  5. Inspection and nondestructive examination (NDE) services
  6. Condition assessment and trending analysis
  7. Leak Testing
  8. Flange Management
  9. Hydrostatic testing
  10. Heat Exchanger tube cleaning
  11. Vessel Cleaning and Confined Space Entry services
  1. Project / Turnaround Managers
  2. Project Controls Managers
  3. Field Planners
  4. Schedulers
  5. Cost Engineers/Accountants
  6. Contract Administrators
  7. Execution / TAM Coordinators
  8. Document Control
  9. Procurement/Material Coordinators
  10. Technical Administrators
  11. Clerical Staff